Gwenlyn Cumyn

Plays Dorothy Castlemore

Actor bio

Gwenlyn Cumyn hails from Ottawa, ON. After a few years of traveling, falling in love with Shakespeare, attending theatre school at George Brown College, and pretending to play guitar, she settled into Toronto’s Indie film scene.
Some of her favourite projects have been Chasing Valentine (Best Actress, MIFF), The Village Green, Pure Pwnage, and PLAY: The Film.
Gwenlyn also dabbles in theatre, because there’s nothing quite like live performance! When she isn’t acting, Gwenlyn can be found trying to skate at the local rink, endlessly listening to podcasts, and writing dream roles for herself. 
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Character bio

Brash, ambitious and impulsive, Dorothy is a lovable scamp prone to getting into fights with those who have offended her honour without thinking twice. She's smart and capable; she just needs to learn patience. The person who Dorothy adored the most was her grandmother, who regaled her with stories of her time as a sister of the Mu Sigma Theta sorority and the friendships she made there. Dorothy is determined to join the sorority that she has been dreaming about since she was little.