Episode 21: We'll Do It Live

All For One | Full episode | 21:29

Wow. This episode has everything. A new location. French accents. Dramatic poses. People rolling around on furniture. Philosophical musings on juiceboxes. Everything except swords. But it's more likely someone would hurt themselves if there were swords so maybe it's for the best. I'd hate it if someone died. Also can you believe they did this episode live? That's daring, I wish I was as brave as them. And for 20 minutes too! I feel like I need to make this description longer to match it. But I don't have a lot to say... It'd be cool if you could leave a comment and I could read it and respond like the characters do in this episode. And then you could leave more comments and that way I would have more things to say! It'd be like a conversation. I used to have conversations with T before they reassigned xir... Anyway. Back to Dorothy. She's gonna try and convince everyone to come back! And that makes me so excited? Because I've missed everyone.

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