BUILDING BRYKS is an eight-episode construction/renovation series that follows the Bryk family as they fight their way through a construction nightmare in building their dream home.For this... family of five, it has been a long road to their first home. They’ve had houses before (they’ve moved over a dozen times in the last ten years), but this will be their first ‘home’ where they are hoping to put down roots and stay for a long time.

But the house is less than ideal. They bought a former rundown rooming house that needs some serious work; in fact, it’s a complete gut job from roof to foundation.

And to save some money, Danielle has decided she is going to be the general contractor on the renovation. She’ll hire the sub-trades, negotiate prices and make sure everything is up to par. But she also has to juggle the kids, cope with her parents and supervise the biggest construction project the family has ever taken on.

The Bryks expected a challenge, but now they are realizing they may have bitten off a lot more than they can chew. Raccoons living in the closets, incomplete structural work, water in the basement — the list of problems goes on and on. There will be many sacrifices made in order for them to remain within budget and complete this renovation on schedule.

Will their limited budget be enough to complete their dream home renovation?

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