Meagan Tandy

Plays Lulu Pope

Actor bio

Meagan Tandy will star in John Gulagers remake of the iconic Piranha 3DD and will premiere in 2012. Her first feature film role was in Unstoppable as Maya, the daughter of Denzel Washington’s character. On television, Tandy has guest-starred on 90210, CSI: NY, Accidentally on Purpose, 10 Things I Hate About You, Dark Blue and Single Ladies.


Tandy was born in Northern California and always knew she wanted to be an actress. Her supportive parents enrolled her in acting classes at the early age of 10 and Tandy loved to film her own reenactments of all of her favorite movies.


When she was 19, Tandy thought it would be fun to enter the Miss California Teen Pageant, her first pageant ever. She won. A year later she was named Miss California USA 2007. It was a thrill to have both honors, but she kept her focus on acting.


Tandy has a degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences and studied Business Administration at Cal Poly Pomona. As time permits between acting jobs, she is determined to finish her degree.


Character bio

Meagan Tandy portrays Lulu Pope, the most popular girl in school and Jane’s nemesis. Lulu makes it her main job to put Jane down, but what Jane doesn’t know is that Lulu’s interest in her is because Lulu is secretly dating Jane’s best friend Billy.