Jane By Design Style Profile: Rose Apodaca

Posted on Oct 17, 2012

Hello, darling fashionistas! Did you guys catch the cameo by fashion journalist and author Rose Apodaca during the latest episode of Jane By Design?! Check out the photo above from The Teen Model. And keep reading for an exclusive Q&A with Rose about her job, trends, the fashion industry – and more!

When did you know that you wanted a career in the fashion industry?
I wanted to be a journalist since I was in kindergarten and started going around with a tape recorder interviewing everyone. But it wasn't until I was just out of high school and got a job with a fashion designer that I began meeting real editors and saw my future. I still started out my professional career in hard news during college at The Los Angeles Times. But an editor there observed I dressed much differently than anyone else in the newsroom, and she gave me my first break at covering fashion.

Tell us about your job. What is a typical day like? 
After years working in house at various publications, I now freelance for magazines such as Harper's Bazaar while authoring books (I'm now wrapping up my third, a beauty book with burlesque icon Dita Von Teese) and co-running a retail business with my husband. Whether it's on staff or freelance, it's all about being organized, flexible and passionate. I love writing for my blog in the early hours when it's quiet; I spend much of the day splitting my attention between my book project and A+R; then I sneak in a couple of hours later in the evening on whatever required more attention from the day. I rest from writing by reading -- books, magazines, online articles on fashion, art, design and pop culture. A few evenings a week, I might venture out to an event, be it a dinner with a designer, a trunk show or some other party in the name of fashion and beauty. It's a great time to catch up with pals, too, since so many of them work in the business. 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to work in fashion? 
It's not just a job. It's a lifestyle. By this, I don't mean just getting dressed up and going to parties. Those who succeed in this cut-throat, 24-7 world do so by living and breathing not only fashion, but art and popular culture. Nothing is worse than someone who doesn't know history—and that includes the history of the times in order to understand the trends and influences in fashion. Read the past and read the present. This way you can know the future. Don't whine. Be willing to do anything and when you're doing it, be a sponge to everything going one. And always be nice. You never know when that intern will end up editor-in-chief!

What moment in your career are you most proud of? 
Another challenging query: It's not so much a moment, but an accomplishment—be it at The Los Angeles Times or Women's Wear Daily, or writing books for Rachel Zoe, Fred Hayman and now Dita Von Teese, they are all connected by my ongoing mission to raise awareness of the great influence on fashion and style by L.A. and California.

What do you think are the three items every person should have in their wardrobe? 
A pristine pair of classic black shoes (nothing too trendy, such as a classic pump or lace-up oxford); a tailored suit jacket (even an H&M jacket can look great with a visit to a dry cleaner seamstress); and a great attitude—doesn't cost a thing yet is priceless.

Many thanks to Rose Apodaca for the awesome insight into the fashion world! Be sure to watch an ALL NEW episode of Jane By Design on Tuesday at8et/5pt. You never know who will pop up next!