Season 1, Episode 15: Expulsion From the Garden of Eden

Air date: Tue, Apr 24, 2012

Bay meets Emmett's dad and Olivia, his dad's girlfriend, when she helps Emmett move in. Olivia stops by Emmett's room while they're decorating, and she invites Bay to spend the night in their home whenever she wants. Meanwhile, Daphne meets a female friend of John's at the car wash and suspects the worst. When Daphne confronts John, he explains that she is just a reporter, who also wanted to write a book on the switch. When Kathryn runs into Angelo at the market, she invites him to family dinner, but the evening dissolves into an argument upon the revelation that Angelo has criminal charges against him. Angelo leaves, and Daphne confronts Regina for defending him. Regina confesses that she is still in love with Angelo and that maybe she never fell out of love with him at all. When Bay goes looking for Angelo, she discovers he's missing. Back at the Kennish residence, Adrianna surprises everyone when she admits she turned Angelo in to the authorities.

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