Season 1, Episode 12: The Tempest

Air date: Wed, Mar 28, 2012

Bay and Emmett take a little planking adventure around the city. Meanwhile, Daphne becomes friends with Simone and considers quitting the Carlton basketball team in order to play for Buckner with Simone. However, this doesn't sit well with John, who frowns upon quitting a commitment. After meeting with the reporter who wrote the article about her family, Kathryn decides to write a memoir about her daughters and the family situation. Toby and Wilke turn to making fake IDs for Daphne and her Buckner friends to make money in order to fund their Guitar Face music video. When Daphne goes out with Simone and the girls, Wilke shows up at the bar and expresses his feelings for Daphne. She pretty much shuts him down, and he leaves, a little heartbroken. Bay tries to make a good impression on Melody, who is still unsupportive of her relationship with Emmet. Along with Regina, she goes to a game night with Emmett and Melody, but things fall apart when Melody hurts Bay's feelings. Later, Emmett is surprised when the police show up and arrest him, especially because there’s no one around to interpret for him.

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