25 days of christmas on ABC Spark movie schedule

1-Dec-19 Sunday Movie 1 You’ve Got Mail
1-Dec-19 Sunday Movie 2 The Holiday
1-Dec-19 Sunday Movie 3 Love The Coopers

2-Dec-19 Monday Movie 1 Snow
2-Dec-19 Monday Movie 2 Snow 2: Brain Freeze
2-Dec-19 Monday Movie 3 You’ve Got Mail

3-Dec-19 Tuesday Movie 1 Life Size
3-Dec-19 Tuesday Movie 2 Life Size 2: A Christmas Eve
3-Dec-19 Tuesday Movie 3 Black Nativity

4-Dec-19 Wednesday Movie 1 Ice Princess
4-Dec-19 Wednesday Movie 3 Ghosting: The Spirit of Christmas

5-Dec-19 Thursday Movie 1 Cheaper By The Dozen
5-Dec-19 Thursday Movie 2 Cheaper By The Dozen 2

6-Dec-19 Friday Movie 1 Miracle on 34th Street
6-Dec-19 Friday Movie 2 The Family Man (2000)
6-Dec-19 Friday Movie 3 The Family Stone

7-Dec-19 Saturday Movie 1 Four Christmases
7-Dec-19 Saturday Movie 2 Deck The Halls
7-Dec-19 Saturday Movie 3 Elf

8-Dec-19 Sunday Movie 1 Home Alone
8-Dec-19 Sunday Movie 2 Home Alone 2: Lost In New York
8-Dec-19 Sunday Movie 3 Home Alone 3
8-Dec-19 Sunday Movie 4 Home Alone 4

9-Dec-19 Monday Movie 1 Santa Con
9-Dec-19 Monday Movie 2 Curly Sue
9-Dec-19 Monday Movie 3 Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa , A

10-Dec-19 Tuesday Movie 1 Imagine That
10-Dec-19 Tuesday Movie 2 Uncle Buck
10-Dec-19 Tuesday Movie 3 Jack Frost

11-Dec-19 Wednesday Movie 1 Snowglobe
11-Dec-19 Wednesday Movie 2 Santa Stole Our Dog
11-Dec-19 Wednesday Movie 3 Nanny McPhee

12-Dec-19 Thursday Movie 1 Meet the Parents
12-Dec-19 Thursday Movie 2 Meet The Fockers
12-Dec-19 Thursday Movie 3 Little Fockers

13-Dec-19 Friday Movie 1 Last Holiday
13-Dec-19 Friday Movie 2 A Merry Friggin’ Christmas
13-Dec-19 Friday Movie 3 A Bad Moms Christmas 18+

14-Dec-19 Saturday Movie 1 Bridget Jones’ Diary
14-Dec-19 Saturday Movie 2 Bridget Jones’ Baby
14-Dec-19 Saturday Movie 3 Love Actually

15-Dec-19 Sunday Movie 1 The Santa Clause
15-Dec-19 Sunday Movie 2 The Santa Clause 2
15-Dec-19 Sunday Movie 3 The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

16-Dec-19 Monday Movie 1 No Sleep ‘Til Christmas
16-Dec-19 Monday Movie 2 Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
16-Dec-19 Monday Movie 3 Good Trouble Holiday Special (2hr)

17-Dec-19 Tuesday Movie 1 A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale
17-Dec-19 Tuesday Movie 2 Happy Feet
17-Dec-19 Tuesday Movie 3 Happy Feet 2

18-Dec-19 Wednesday Movie 2 Die Hard
18-Dec-19 Wednesday Movie 3 Gremlins
18-Dec-19 Wednesday Movie 4 Bad Santa 18+

19-Dec-19 Thursday Movie 1 The Family Man
19-Dec-19 Thursday Movie 2 Serendipity
19-Dec-19 Thursday Movie 3 The Princess Bride

20-Dec-19 Friday Movie 1 Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears A Who!
20-Dec-19 Friday Movie 2 Ice Age
20-Dec-19 Friday Movie 3 Ice Age: The Meltdown

21-Dec-19 Saturday Movie 1 Good Trouble Holiday Special (2hr)
21-Dec-19 Saturday Movie 2 Just Friends
21-Dec-19 Saturday Movie 3 Surviving Christmas
21-Dec-19 Saturday Movie 4 Office Christmas Party 18+

22-Dec-19 Sunday Movie 1 Love Actually
22-Dec-19 Sunday Movie 2 Four Christmases
22-Dec-19 Sunday Movie 3 A Bad Moms Christmas 18+

23-Dec-19 Monday Movie 1 The Neverending Story
23-Dec-19 Monday Movie 2 Edward Scissorhands
23-Dec-19 Monday Movie 3 The Polar Express

24-Dec-19 Tuesday Movie 1 Home Alone
24-Dec-19 Tuesday Movie 2 Home Alone 2: Lost In New York
24-Dec-19 Tuesday Movie 3 Home Alone 3

25-Dec-19 Wednesday Movie 1 Shrek
25-Dec-19 Wednesday Movie 2 Shrek the Third
25-Dec-19 Wednesday Movie 3 Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian